• 100% linen
  • Washed linen
  • Made in Portugal
  • Cream

Duvet Cover Linen Atlanta Cream


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Luxury linen duvet cover in a soft cream colour, with a button closure at one end. Part of the traditional Atlanta range of luxury bedding in a classic cream colour. Choose the size for your bed, if in doubt check out our bed-size chart.

Duvet cover size guide
Single - W150 x L220cm
Double - W220 x L220cm
King - W240 x L220cm
Super King - W260 x L220cm


Advantages of selecting linen for your duvet cover

One of the main advantages that linen has over other fabrics is it's ability to allow your body to breath. This comes about because linen is natural and free of allergens which in turn contributes to you enjoying a much more relaxing night's sleep.

The ability to absorb humidity in the air is another advantage of this natural fabric, something particularly useful in both cold and warmer regions. For that reason, using linen for your duvet cover is highly recommended everywhere in the world. No matter where you are living, high quality linen bedding is a big step towards helping you achieve a good night’s rest.

Elegant and stylish, the Atlanta Cream linen duvet cover

Made in Portugal from 100% linen is our Atlanta Colours collection. The soft cream linen duvet cover is carefully made using pure natural linen that can be used on your bed all year round. Linen has fantastic pure properties that create a wonderfully cool effect in the summer months and a comfortable warmth during the colder winter and autumn months. The naturally ruffled effect generated by linen creates a simple rustic feel which gives your bedroom that lovely stylish appearance.

The textile used by Connie Home for their bedding is 100% natural washed linen. This is one of the most frequently used of the natural fibres and has been an integral part of the textile and bedding industry since the dawn of time. The soft and fine threads that make up the linen fibres are lightweight, particularly when compared alongside alternatives such as cotton which has a larger and heavier thread.

Soft cream design, stylish linen duvet cover

The design of the soft cream Atlanta duvet cover follows a traditional, yet elegant style, one which is without any borders or decorative additions. This simple and classic design is what makes the cream linen range have such a sophisticated and contemporary effect.

Practicalities: The lower part of the cream linen duvet cover is the area where you find the discrete button style closure, which we use for all of our bedding collections, allowing for easy insertion of the duvet. The duvet cover couldn't be any simpler to wash as the natural linen holds onto it's qualities despite frequent washing.

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