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Duvet Covers all sizes, Egyptian cotton and Linen

Luxury Duvet Covers

Extensive range of top quality luxury duvet covers from Connie Home Collection. Available in linen, Egyptian cotton and standard cotton in various designs. Select your desired size of duvet cover and follow the bed size chart to choose the appropriate duvet cover for your bed size.

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Duvet cover 100% cotton, 300 thread count

Light and comfortable elegant duvet covers suitable for using all year round. Made from 100% natural cotton with a high 300 thread count and edging or decoration in many of the collections, such as the Harmony duvet cover. The decorative edging brings a casual and stylish look to your bed linen. The soft feel is enhanced by the addition of satin fibres during the production process.

The result is not only visually attractive as in the Victoria luxury duvet cover, but the softness is appreciable against your skin. With our 100% cotton 300 thread count luxurious covers for your duvet you can enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep. This is partly due to the 100% natural textiles with fibres free of any damaging chemicals or synthetic materials.

Our cotton duvet covers are available in a range of bed sizes to accommodate single, double, king size and super king size mattresses. A perfect night’s sleep is within reach with the elegant and natural selection of covers for your duvet by Connie Home, choose the right one for you from the various luxury bedding collections.

Egyptian cotton elegant duvet cover, 500 thread count

The 500 thread count 100% Egyptian cotton version is aimed at clients looking for the highest quality of bed linen. For that reason Connie Home has included this cover for your duvet in their range of quality cotton bedding in the Provence Collection.

This range has been created from top quality natural cotton and made by the artisans of Portugal into the soft and strong 500 thread count luxury duvet cover. The higher thread count allows the finished fabric to be both soft to the touch and very strong. The durable nature of this duvet cover is particularly evident over time, even after many washes the Provence duvet cover retains it’s soft feel.

With the simple, pure white design and without any elaborate borders, the 500 thread count version has a simple yet elegant finish.

Luxury 100% linen duvet cover

Duvet covers made from 100% natural stonewashed linen, using carefully selected vegetal fibres with the objective of creating an attractive rustic look. This simple, lightly ruffled appearance is achieved with the Connie Home Atlanta linen duvet cover. Your bed will appear inviting and comfortable all year round because the quality linen duvet cover adapts to the warmth or coolness of each season.

In addition to the anti-allergic properties of natural linen which are perfect for all types of skin. The luxury method of covering your duvet is carefully made from linen absorbs humidity and helps you to enjoy a rejuvenating and relaxing sleep. The Atlanta Collection 100% linen duvet cover is perfectly pitched to achieve the equilibrium of price and quality.

The softness of the linen and it’s durability over time mean it is not the cheapest, but is the ideal solution for discerning customers. Available in a simple pure white colour and in all duvet sizes: single, double, king and super king.

King Size 240 x 220cm Duvet Covers

High quality Egyptian cotton duvet cover

Due to its high quality, Egyptian cotton is the type of fabric which provides excellent results in any kind of bed dimension, in addition, it's a 100% natural fibre originating in the Nile valley and which is processed with the utmost care.

You'll be able to sleep comfortably with our 240 x 220cm King size covers for your duvet supplied in different fabrics such as 100% cotton, Egyptian cotton or natural linen and available in various designs models and colours.

Various bed sizes

Bed sheet sizes tend to vary according to each individual’s needs and likings. In relation to our range of duvet covers and the available sizes, Connie Home offers a variety of options to suit each customer and their preferences. We have Single size duvet covers which are perfect for single-sized beds measuring 150-220cm and for Double bed sizes the correct measurement is 220 x 200 cm.

For larger beds, we have the King Size option where the duvet cover size needs to be 240x220 cm and Super King which is the largest size at 260x220 cm. In the dimensions of the King size (240 x 220 cm) duvet cover, you will find different fabrics and models depending upon your preferences; which are available in the standard UK bed sizes.

Exclusive bed linen designs in Connie Home

Connie Home have a luxurious white linen Atlanta collection, as well as linen Atlanta Colours collection in blue, pink, grey and green tones, in soft pastel colours; these collections are perfect for use all year round since they coolness in the Summer and warmth in Winter.

If you´re looking for white Egyptian cotton, the collections made from 300 and 500 thread counts are perfect when it comes to providing your bedroom with a pure, light touch and a softness to help you sleep.

Among the collections available in King Size (240 x 220 cm) and which are natural white in colour and made with Egyptian cotton in a 300 thread count, are the Harmony, Lisbon and Victoria collections. Including sheets and duvet covers which are either plain or with detailed embroidery. Or the natural cotton Heathcote collection. The Provence collection is made of 500 thread count Egyptian cotton and is one of the more luxurious bedding options available in a pure white colour.

These collections, apart from being very soft, will give your bedroom a simple and snug feeling which will contribute to a relaxing and refreshing night’s sleep. Our duvet covers are also not only very soft with a strength that ensure they last for a long time, but they are extremely gentle to all skin types. These collections, apart from being very soft, will give your bedroom a simple and snug feeling which will contribute to a relaxing and refreshing night’s sleep. Our duvet covers are also not only lovely and soft with a strength that ensure they last for a long time, but they are extremely gentle to all skin types.