Classic pillowcases, Egyptian cotton and pure linen.

Classic Pillowcases

Classic pillowcases without a decorative border. Available in 100% Egyptian cotton and pure linen to match any of the bedding designs from the Connie Home Collection. Rectangular pillowcases with a standard envelope style closure.

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Classic, standard pillowcases

Something we should never forget when we think about buying our luxury bedding is the pillow. The importance of having the right pillow for a great night’s sleep is fundamental and choosing a soft, smooth pillowcase is equally as important. The pillowcase will be in contact with your skin for long periods of time, so selecting the best quality possible is critically important.

Alongside the pillow, the classic pillowcase plays a vital role in how we sleep and how we can improve our chances of a great rest. Connie Home provides a variety of fabrics in our classic pillowcases range, from 100% cotton, at both 300 and a high 500 thread count, through to pure washed linen. These fibres are completely natural and contribute in our quest for a good night’s sleep.

In order to create a sense of brightness and illuminate your bedroom, our range of classic pillowcases are all pure white, without any decorative edging, such as the 300 thread count Lisbon Egyptian cotton pillowcase. For convenience and comfort we use the traditional envelope style of closure with an opening at one edge. This gives easy access to the pillow when changing the pillowcase.

The fabric of our classic pillowcases is appropriate for all skin types, being 100% natural they are the ideal solution for anyone with allergies. The linen pillowcases go one step further and adapt to the temperatures of the various seasons, keeping you cool in the winter and warm in the summer.

Made in Portugal by skilled textile workers, our luxurious classic pillowcases are packed in sets of two, with each pillowcase measuring a generous length of 75cm and a width of 50cm.

Housewife, or classic pillowcases

Also known as “housewife” pillowcases the classic or standard version made by Connie Home are carefully crafted from the best quality linen or Egyptian cotton which enhances your chances of having a relaxing night’s sleep. The soft, smooth surface of your classic pillowcase will not become ruffled or cause issues when you are asleep.

It’s best to avoid having decorative borders or stitching around the classic pillowcase as their role is first and foremost one of function. You need to avoid ridges which would generate discomfort when you are trying to sleep. This is in contrast to the more decorative Oxford style Provence 500 thread count Egyptian cotton pillowcases which carry a 5cm border and look very attractive, but is less practical. There’s no reason why your classic pillowcases should not display a stamped or printed design, that comes down to personal taste.

In addition to the traditional plain white design we supply a luxury range of coloured linen classic pillowcases, such as those forming part of the Colours Blue linen range of bedding which can be coordinated with the white linen design found in the Atlanta Collection.