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Flat sheets, white Egyptian cotton and linen

Flat Sheets

Extensive range of top quality flat sheets from Connie Home Collection. Available in linen, Egyptian cotton and standard cotton in various designs. Select your desired size of flat sheet and follow the bed size chart to choose the appropriate flat sheet for your bed size.

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300 Thread count cotton flat sheet – Heathcote

100% natural cotton flat sheet made from 300 threads per square inch. Soft and strong, the high quality cotton is long lasting and durable, even with many years of washing.

Our Heathcote range of cotton flat sheets are constructed in a modern style with a stripe design running length wise through the sheet. Creating a stylish look to your bedroom.

These smooth, lightweight flat sheets are available in the UK across a range of sizes in order to suit your mattress, single, double, king and super king.

Egyptian cotton 300 thread count flat sheet – Harmony

The Harmony flat sheet stands out with it’s pure white Egyptian cotton bordered by a raised dark sea blue edging in the upper part of the sheet. This subtle piping is the difference between other collections and creates a sophisticated casual look to your bed sheet.

Made from Egyptian cotton with a high 300 thread count, the Harmony flat sheet is very smooth and soft. By using the best quality cotton this contributes to improving you’re night’s sleep and prevents the sheets from wearing out too quickly.

Victoria 300 thread count Egyptian cotton flat sheet

Our Victoria collection flat sheet has an embroidered border around the upper edge which creates a traditional, classic look to this luxury bedding range.

Crafted from a delicate Egyptian cotton fibre and woven into a high 300 thread count. This results in a smooth, lightweight flat sheet which is very soft and gentle to the touch. Having such a quality sheet goes towards a relaxing and rejuvenating bedtime, something which improves your mental and physical wellbeing.

The pure white Victoria flat sheet, particularly when combined with the rest of the cotton collection, gives your bedroom an elegant appearance.

Pure white, Egyptian cotton 300 thread count – Lisbon flat sheets

Flat sheets made exclusively from the purest natural Egyptian cotton and woven into 300 threads per square inch. This creates a softness and smoothness which is ideal for all skin types because cotton is a natural, vegetable based fabric and therefore does not trouble anyone with sensitive skin or allergies.

The Lisbon flat sheets are pure white and without any decorative edging. This gives the collection a traditional natural look and combines well with bedrooms looking for a neutral decorative theme.

As well as looking like your bedroom is straight from the covers of a magazine, the softness of the Lisbon flat sheet will contribute to a relaxing night’s sleep.

500 thread count Egyptian cotton flat sheet – Provence

Exceptionally high quality flat sheet with a luxury 500 thread count, making the sheet extremely strong and hard wearing as well as really soft and smooth; even after many washes.

Made from what many consider to be the best cotton in the world, Egyptian cotton looks and feels elegant and is soft to the touch. The appearance alone makes your bedroom seem natural and luxurious with a glow that other flat sheets struggle to achieve.

Wrapping yourself at bedtime in the softness of the 500 thread count Provence flat sheet, made from the purest Egyptian cotton, will help you to relax in the arms of pure, natural, luxury bedding.

Linen flat sheet, Atlanta collection

Flat sheet made from the best textile available – 100% natural linen. This flat sheet is extremely light and soft with a rugged and ruffled appearance, which generates a traditional natural look to your bedroom.

The Connie Home Atlanta linen flat sheet stands out with it’s pure white neutral colour, giving a light touch to the colour scheme of your bed linen. Being a high quality, washed linen sheet they are allergy free and this makes the flat sheet the perfect choice for both your summer and winter bedding.

Available across a range of UK bed sizes the Atlanta flat sheet is designed to fit the mattress of your choice, from single, double, king and the largest, super king. Also matching linen pillowcases and duvet covers are available to match these luxurious flat sheets.