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Sheets, both flat and fitted in cotton and linen


Both flat sheets and fitted sheets available in most sizes across the Connie Home Collection range. Available in linen, Egyptian cotton and standard cotton. Choose the appropriate type of sheet for your bed and check the size against our size chart.

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Luxury 100% cotton flat sheets, 300 thread count

Choosing the right flat sheet is critical to a good night’s sleep. So we need to make sure that we pay attention to the materials used in the composition of our bed sheets. Selecting sheets made from natural fibres is the ideal choice, such as the Connie Home range of elegant cotton flat sheets, including the Victoria flat sheets or the Harmony flat sheets, made from 100% Egyptian cotton.

The Connie Home flat sheets made from 100% natural cotton stand out because they have a soft, light feel, something which is extremely beneficial when you are trying to sleep. This lightness transmits a feeling of tranquility and relaxation.

The simplicity of the pure white, 300 thread count Lisbon range of luxury flat sheets made in Portugal is the perfect choice for creating an elegant effect to your bedroom. These cotton flat sheets retain their softness and strength through many years of use.

Elegant linen flat sheets

The Atlanta range of luxury linen flat sheets are perfectly suited for all seasons, whether that is cold, hot or humid. These Atlanta linen flat sheets are fresh in summer and warm during winter making them ideal for use all year round.

The flat sheets are created from natural 100% washed linen, a fabric which has been used since the early textile industry of ancient times, right up to present day. This is due to the soft yet durable qualities of linen which are immune to the vagaries of fashion. In addition linen has anti-allergic properties making linen flat sheets the perfect choice for all skin types.

With a rustic, lived-in look of neutral colours, predominantly white, these flat sheets made from linen wrap your bedroom in a traditional atmosphere which is both elegant and simple. The sheets are available in various sizes designed to fit the size of your mattress.

500 Thread count luxury flat sheet

The 500 thread count flat sheets are a range of simple but luxurious sheets using the highest quality 100% Egyptian cotton. The high thread count makes these sheets not only soft and smooth but are very long lasting. Even with the rigors of many washes over the years these sheets will remain undamaged and the softness becomes accentuated over time.

Made in Portugal, home of the highest quality bed linens, where the attention to detail in the creation of cotton flat sheets is paramount. The 500 thread count Provence flat sheet is part of a collection which stands out for it’s elegant yet simple feel of luxury and the stunning pure white colour.

The Provence 100% cotton luxurious flat sheet is available across all bed sizes of single, double, king and super king and perfectly matches the other elements of this bedding range, pillowcases and duvet covers and the 500 thread count Provence 500 thread count Provence fitted sheet.

Luxury 300 thread count cotton fitted sheet

The Connie Home 300 thread count 100% Egyptian cotton fitted sheets are an exceptionally high standard, which is only fitting for a luxury bedding brands such as Connie Home. The finish is both soft and silky to the touch.

The fitted sheets are adjustable with each corner being elasticated to perfectly fit the shape and size of your mattress. These elastic corners are extremely convenient when it comes to making your bed as well as making the fitted sheet fit snugly across the mattress.

In keeping with the elegant and stylish lines from Connie Home, the predominant colour of the luxury fitted sheets is white. This creates a visually cohesive effect for your cotton bed linen. The 300 thread count luxury cotton fitted sheets are available in all sizes, single, double, king and super king and are all made from 100% Egyptian cotton.

Finest linen fitted sheets

Fitted sheets made in Portugal from 100% natural washed linen. The fibres used in our Atlanta linen fitted sheets are noted for their softness and durability. This type of linen has the ability to adapt to the temperature of your surroundings, both hot and cold climates.

The hypoallergenic properties of linen are well documented and make linen fitted sheets the perfect choice for anyone with any type of allergy. This is because linen is a natural fibre it retains less dust, humidity or harmful bacteria due to it’s isolating qualities. Our linen fitted sheets are a neutral white colour which generates in your bed linen a relaxing sensation of purity.

The Connie Home finest linen fitted sheets are adjustable with elasticated corners to allow for easy bedmaking and to hold the sheet in place and prevent it from moving while you sleep.