Oxford pillowcases, Egyptian cotton and linen.

Oxford Pillowcases

Oxford pillowcases made from Egyptian cotton, standard cotton and pure linen to match your chosen collection. Our Oxford style pillowcases have a decorative 5cm border around each edge, showcasing your bedding.

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Range of luxury Oxford pillowcases

Connie Home takes pride in offering a wide collection of bed linen and this includes our collection of Oxford style pillowcases. These are different to a classic pillowcase because the Oxford version has a 5cm decorative border around each side. This is designed to give your bedroom an elegant and modern appearance.

Not only are the Oxford pillowcases very comfortable and soft to the touch, but they are also very resistant and do not deteriorate over time. The key to this strength is the use by Connie Home of top quality materials – Egyptian cotton, 100% natural cotton and linen.

White is the predominant colour used throughout our range of Oxford pillowcases. This natural pure white is the detail that gives your bedroom the luxurious appearance that decoration magazines strive for. Not only does white look great, but it helps you to relax and enjoy a rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Throughout the Connie Home range of bedding the Oxford pillowcases are designed to match each Collection. The 5cm decorative border enhanced with either the blue piping of the Harmony pillowcases or an embroidered edging found in the Victoria collection. Or the elegant simplicity of the pure white Provence and Lisbon Egyptian cotton Oxford pillowcases. Whichever collection you choose, the textile used is hypoallergenic and made from 100% natural vegetable fibres, this makes them lightweight and ideal for all skin types.

When looking for quality Oxford pillowcases at a good price the range offered by Connie Home is hard to ignore with a selection available of Egyptian and natural cotton or linen. All of which give the perfect finish to your bedroom decoration.

Oxford pillowcases of linen and cotton

The characteristics of the Oxford pillowcases with their extended 5cm border make them a primarily decorative item as opposed to the more practical use of the standard, classic pillowcase. Their primary function is to make our bedroom look fantastic when we are not actually using the bed. The specific pattern or design selected should compliment the style of our bed sheets and duvet cover, that is usually achieved by choosing your Oxford pillowcase set from the same range as the rest of your bed linen. Or we could add a different colour or shade from the Atlanta Colours bed linen collection to create an attractive contrasting effect.

For convenience and practicality all of the Connie Home Oxford pillowcases, whether linen or Egyptian cotton, use the classic envelope closure format. The closure at the shorter end allows you to easily insert the pillow and tuck in the flap to create a smooth and practically invisible closing.

This elegant and luxurious solution is available across all the luxury bedding collections from Connie Home, with the Oxford pillowcases at a uniform size of 50cm on the short side and 75 cm on the long side to accommodate a standard size pillow filling, plus the fabric of the 5cm border.