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  • Luxury Bed Linen

    Connie Home provides an exclusive range of luxury bedding made from Egyptian cotton, 100% cotton and pure linen. During the production of our luxury bed linen we use only 100% natural textiles which are finished with either embroidered borders or have a simple unadorned finish. This finish gives your bedroom a stylish and sophisticated look. Our high-end bed linen collections, including pure linen pillowcases, use either a high 300 or 500 thread count which gives you bed linen a soft and smooth feel while at the same time a durability to last for many years. Our Atlanta collection is made from 100% washed linen and is the perfect choice for use all year round.

    Luxurious Duvet Covers

    At Connie Home we only offer the best and that includes our luxury duvet cover range. Our collections are made in Portugal with 100% natural fabrics, namely Egyptian cotton and linen. We start from the principal of using only quality materials, which is why our duvet covers start from a 300 thread count. This is generally the point where bed linen can be classified as luxurious. We stock a variety of duvet covers in different sizes, some with stylish edging and piping, others with a simple plain white design. All our luxury duvet covers have a touch of elegance which shows off your bedroom perfectly.

    Top Quality Fitted Sheets

    Connie Home is proud to offer a range of luxury fitted sheets with elasticated corners that easily adapt to your mattress. Our top quality fitted sheets are made in Portugal using 100% natural cotton, Egyptian cotton and linen. The range of adjustable fitted sheets is available in all sizes and across the various collections in 300 and 500 thread count Egyptian cotton plus our top of the range Atlanta linen luxury bedding. Over time our highly desirable fitted sheets become softer even after many washes, keeping their soft touch and maintaining their resistance. This can be attributed to the high quality of the materials we use to produce our sheets.

    High Quality Flat Sheet

    Like all high end bedding ranges, the importance of using only the best materials cannot be understated, which is why our luxury flat sheets, both Egyptian cotton and pure linen, are made from 100% natural fabrics. Being soft and delicate to the skin our high quality flat sheets are the perfect choice for all seasons. The natural fabrics are ideal for anyone suffering from allergies. Whether you prefer to use flat sheets under your duvet cover or in the Summer months just use a light and stylish Harmony Collection sheet, the benefits of having a natural luxury bedding material next to your skin will contribute to a relaxing night’s sleep.

    Elegant High-End Bedding

    The selection of the right quality materials is crucial for a range of elegant bedding, which is why at Connie Home we only use the best textiles. In addition, a high thread count, at least over 200, is needed to achieve a really soft yet strong bed sheet. Our range of luxury bedding made in Portugal is characterised by being predominantly pure white with either a 300 or 500 thread count and stylish, yet minimal, decoration. In addition to a simple and natural range of pure stonewashed high-end bed linen. These collections contain duvet covers, fitted sheets, flat sheets and pillowcases that will bring a touch of elegance to your bedroom.

    Egyptian Cotton 500 Thread Count

    Marvellous textile collection which oozes luxury and elegance thoughout the Provence range of 500 thread count pillowcases, duvet cover and flat sheets. With the ever fashionable colour white and with a smooth, simple design without borders or edges to create in your bedroom a bright and illuminated space in which to relax. The 500 thread count Provence collection of Egyptian cotton bedding is notable for it’s enduring strength and softness. This high quality cotton, made in Portugal, allows you to enjoy your luxury bed sheets for many years; giving you a wonderfully relaxing night of rest.

    Egyptian cotton luxury bedding 300 Thread count

    The reason high-end cotton bedding has a lovely crisp and soft touch is because of the quality of the textile and the number of threads per inch, the thread count. To achieve the right balance between light weight, comfort and price Connie Home provides the Lisbon range of 300 thread count Egyptian cotton bedding. This fantastic collection which is simple and natural in a pure white colour, without edging, creates an elegant and bright appearance for your bedroom. The white duvet cover, pillowcases, flat and fitted sheets of the Lisbon range generate a peaceful ambiance. This contributes to your chances of enjoying a relaxing night and feeling fresh and rejuvenated in the morning.