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  • Luxury Bed Linen

    Connie Home supplies a range of exclusive bedding made from Egyptian cotton, 100% cotton and pure linen. When producing our luxury bed linen we use 100% natural textiles, which are then either embroidered around the borders or left with a simple smooth finish. This gives your bedroom a stylish and sophisticated look. Our high-end bed linen collections, including pure linen pillowcases, have a high 300 or 500 thread count. This gives your bed linen a soft and smooth feel with a durability that will last for many years. Our "Atlanta" collection is made from 100% washed linen and is the perfect choice to use on your bed all year round.

    Luxurious Duvet Covers

    At Connie Home we use only the best fabrics and that can be seen in our exclusive duvet cover range. Our collections are made in Portugal with 100% natural materials, namely Egyptian cotton and linen. In keeping with our strategy of using only high quality materials, our duvet covers start from a generous 300 thread count. This is generally the point from which bed linen can be classified as luxurious. We stock a variety of duvet covers in different sizes, some with stylish edging and piping, others with a simple plain white design. All of our duvet covers from our luxury bedding collections have a touch of elegance which helps you to bring the best out of your bedroom.

    Top Quality Fitted Sheets

    Connie Home is also proud to bring to you a range of luxury fitted sheets. They have elasticated corners that easily adapt around the corners of your mattress. All of our top quality fitted sheets are made in Portugal using either 100% natural cotton, Egyptian cotton or linen. The adjustable fitted sheets are available across all of our luxury bedding collections and for all standard bed sizes. From our classic 300 and 500 thread count Egyptian cotton through to our top of the range "Atlanta" linen bedding. Our highly desirable fitted sheets become even softer after many washes, keeping both their strength and soft comfortable feel. This durability is achieved because of the high quality materials we use in the production of our sheets.

    High Quality Flat Sheet

    Like all of the high end bedding ranges, the importance of using only the best materials cannot be understated. This is why our luxury flat sheets, made from either Egyptian cotton or pure linen, use only traditional 100% natural fabrics. Being soft and gentle to your skin, our high quality flat sheets are the ideal choice to use all year long. In addition the natural fabrics are a great option for anyone suffering from allergies. Whether you prefer to use a flat sheet under your duvet cover in the winter, or just a light and stylish Harmony Collection sheet during the Summer months, the benefits of having a natural textile next to your skin will help you to achieve a relaxing night’s sleep.

    Elegant High-End Luxury Bedding

    The selection of the best quality materials is crucial for any range of elegant bedding, which is why at Connie Home we only use the best textiles. In addition, a high thread-count of greater than 200, is needed to achieve a really soft yet strong bed sheet. Our range of quality bedding made in Portugal is characterised by being mainly pure white in colour with either a 300 or 500 thread count with stylish, plain or decorative borders. Plus our very simple and natural stonewashed linen "Atlanta" collection. These high-end bed linen ranges consist of duvet-covers, fitted sheets, flat sheets and pillowcases that will bring a touch of elegance to your bedroom.

    Egyptian Cotton 500 Thread Count

    Enjoy the luxury and elegance of our marvellous "Provence" range of 500 thread count pillowcases, duvet covers and flat sheets. With the ever fashionable and elegant colour white this range features a smooth and simple borderless design. This brings into your bedroom a fantastic feeling of space and light in which you can relax. The 500 thread count "Provence" collection of Egyptian cotton bedding is famous for it’s enduring strength and softness. This type of quality cotton is made in Portugal and it's durability gives you many years of enjoyment and wonderfully relaxing night's.

    Egyptian cotton luxury bedding 300 Thread count

    The reason high-end cotton bedding has such a lovely crisp and soft touch is because of the quality of the textile and the number of threads per inch - known as the thread count. To achieve the right balance between lightweight, comfort and strength, Connie Home introduces the "Lisbon" range of 300 thread count Egyptian cotton luxury bedding. This popular collection is simple and natural with a pure white colour and without any edging. This helps to give your bedroom an elegant and bright appearance. The white duvet cover, pillowcases, flat and fitted sheets from the "Lisbon" range generate a peaceful atmosphere which contributes to your chances of waking up each morning feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

    Choosing the right luxury bedding sets

    Everything matters

    In the world of luxury bedding sets we can see how it’s not only how comfortable your mattress is, but just as important is your choice of bed linen. This will have either a positive or negative effect on how well you sleep.

    For that reason, it’s worth spending some time to work out which are the key elements to getting a good night’s sleep. Clearly, the visual appearance of your bed linen is very important, but the lovely sensation of sleeping on soft luxurious sheets goes a long way towards achieving a relaxing night. A comfortable mattress and the best high-end bedding set are the critical factors in making sure we achieve this goal.

    Importance of the best fabrics

    Starting with the best fabrics is important and the textiles used in the luxury bedding sets of Connie Home stand out for their quality. With Egyptian cotton a natural linen being the principal type of textile; either of which is going to feel fantastic against your skin.

    Egyptian cotton is a high quality and natural fabric which is very soft and is noted for it’s durability. Natural linen is the other luxurious fabric and whose fundamental properties are the breathability and moisture absorbing qualities, two aspects which make linen a great choice in any climate, either cold or hot. They are both perfect for any kind of skin, being hypo-allergenic they are a healthy option and suitable for anyone suffering with allergies.

    Relaxing bed linen colours

    At the end of the day when we go to our bedroom, what we really want is to relax and enjoy some quality rest time. Not just sleeping, but reading, listening to music or just recharging our batteries for a few minutes. For this reason, the colour of your bedroom decoration will also influence the quality of your rest.

    If you're looking for white Egyptian cotton, the collections made from 300 and 500 thread counts are perfect when it comes to providing your bedroom with a pure, light touch and a softness to help you sleep.

    It’s worth not just taking into account the decorative style of your luxury bedding sets, but also finding matching colours and in particular those that contribute to a relaxed surrounding. In relation to this, green and blue are generally seen as the perfect colours for achieving this goal. Particularly when combined with a natural white colour, these bed linen tones are one of the best options for enjoying some unique and more pleasurable moments.

    Luxury Bedrooms

    The importance of a nice design

    To create a stylish luxury bedroom, keep in mind that there are many different designs that, with a bit of knowledge, can be perfectly combined together in order to create a comfortable, cosy, and elegant environment – the perfect, luxurious sanctuary. To perform at our best during the day, we must sleep restfully during the night; what could be more important than the design of your bedroom? Because of this, decor plays a major role in our ability to rest, not only on a physical level, but also on an emotional level.

    There are many elements that we must consider when creating a bedroom with a luxurious design. Maybe, individually, these elements don’t jump out at you, but, when the combination is balanced and in tune with the style we are looking for, we can create that wonderful, elegant, and luxurious room with the right combination of luxury bedding.

    Ideas to Dress up Your Luxurious Bedroom

    Cushions and pillows: along with luxury bedding they are a particularly important decor element, providing elegance to your room by mixing patterns and sizes.

    Colours: light colours tend to be the stars in the creation of a luxurious mood. Make sure you mix them up with the selection of Oxford pillowcases, duvet covers and furniture you have chosen.

    Nightstands: they are elements offering elegance, many different styles of décor as well as helping to reduce disorder by storing personal belongings.

    Furniture: in elegant rooms, it is common to see antique furnishings, especially the ones that are made out of wood and come from antique dealers, inheritance, or from personal collections of furniture with a story to tell.

    Lighting: lights are a very crucial element in the ambience of your bedroom. They will make your room come to life and can be adjusted for all levels of brightness; that's why hanging lamps are the best choice to contribute to the creation of a sophisticated space.

    Luxury bedding with a personal style

    Well, we have already given you some ideas that you can incorporate in your room to give it a more elegant touch, although you can add even more elements (like flower arrangements, art, a special rug, or some spectacular matching curtains.

    There are also other details, like the choice of duvet cover, headboard or the incorporation of a couch, which, more than providing a nice arrangement of your room, will add an aspect of retreat to it. By carefully choosing these important elements, your new bedroom will inspire that restful environment needed for your self-care, while providing both luxury and function; so, pick the one that suits your style, creativity, and personality.

    FAQ - Connie Home Collection

    What's the best way to wash my linen sheets?
    They can be washed by hand or machine at a low, or cold, temperature. Try and select a short cycle and ideally without, or a very low, spin option.

    Which are Connie's most luxurious sheets?
    Our collections made from Egyptian Cotton or linen could be classified as the most luxurious. Generally these textiles are recognised around the world as the highest quality, due to being very soft and durable.

    Is Egyptian cotton the best cotton in the world?
    Yes, cotton from Egypt with it's roots in the humid climate found around the banks for the river Nile is considered very soft and resistant and is the choice of high-end hotels and spas.

    What thread count should sheets have to be considered high quality?
    Broadly speaking the softer and stronger cotton sheets are found with thread counts over a minimum of 180, with 200 or 400 threads per inch being the ideal. Under this range the sheets will be stiff and less comfortable.

    What are the advantages of linen bedding?
    There are various advantages, from softness and strength through to reducing the skins perspiration and maintaining your bodies temperature throughout the year.

    How should I wash my Egyptian cotton sheets?
    Ideally machine wash at a cold or luke warm temperature on a short or gentle cycle. They can be dried in a tumble dryer on a low setting to prevent excessive creases.

    What are the advantages of Egyptian cotton bedding?
    These collections have long fibres, this allows the fibre to be stretched thinner, which makes them silky smooth, softer and more resistant than standard cotton.

    Why is the best quality textile produced in Portugal?
    Portugal, particularly the north of the country, has over the years developed world renowned artisan skills in the creation and processing of textiles, including bedding fabrics. This is reflected in the quality of brands basing their production in Portugal.

    What type of bedding do you find in luxury hotels?
    The high end 5 star hotels tend to use white Egptian cotton sheets with a 200 or 400 thread count. This is because they need to use a textile which is soft and longlasting.