• Size W50 x L75cm
  • Set of two pillowcases
  • Linen
  • Soft pink colour - Rosé
  • Envelope closure
  • Made in Portugal

Pillowcase Classic Linen Atlanta Rosé



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Classic Linen Pillowcases Atlanta Rosé

An exciting new look for your bedroom

In the textile world, there’s an enormous variety of pillows in all sorts shapes and sizes; some are square while others are big, small, round or rectangular. Each type of pillow has it's place and will appeal to different people depending upon their individual preferences.

At Connie Home the pillowcases in our Atlanta Colours linen range are the popular rectangular shape and come in two styles, the Oxford and the Classic. These shapes define the style of each bedroom.

The Classic style pillowcases fit exactly to the shape of the pillow and are without any kind of borders or edging. This style is practical and more comfortable at bedtime. This is in contrast to the more decorative Oxford pillowcase which comes with a 5cm border.

Classic linen pillowcases for softness and colour

The Atlanta Rosé classic linen pillowcases are not only superbly soft and comfortable at bedtime, but the soft pink colour tone allows you to create a personal and unique style to make your bedroom stand out. We see this desire for a more individual touch has become more popular as people play with different coloured shades, like the soft pinkish Rosé colour.

Although soft, these colours have a strong personality and are a popular alternative and compliment to the traditional neutral Atlanta white linen shades. With pink tones forming the dominant colour they can be combined with other, softer hues to create an attractive end result. This gives your bedroom a perfectly coordinated and vibrant appearance.

Like the white linen pillowcases, our classic Atlanta Rosé pillowcase sets are made from 100% natural flax and have a wonderful rustic feel that works nicely with whichever effect you want to create for your bedroom.

All year long classic pillowcases

These classic linen pillowcases fit perfectly to pillows which measure 50 cm x 75 cm, the pillow insert can be easily accessed and inserted via the envelope style closure. The linen rosé classic pillowcases are a simple and elegant choice to bring out the décor and personality of your bedroom.

The natural components of top quality linen ensures that these pure linen classic pillowcases always feel smooth and comfortable against your skin. The hypoallergenic properties of linen mean they are also ideal for any skin-type and can be used all year long, from summer all the way through to winter.

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