Classic Pillowcase Linen Atlanta
  • Classic Pillowcase Linen Atlanta
  • Classic Pillowcase Linen Atlanta
  • Classic Pillowcase Linen Atlanta

Pillowcase Classic Linen Atlanta

Classic pillowcase, made from pure linen, white.


Classic linen pillowcases

Design of the classic linen pillowcases

The design of the Atlanta linen pillowcases is both stylish and simple and is free of borders or raised edges. This authentically simple, even rustic appearance is what makes the Atlanta linen bedding so special. The closure of the classic linen pillowcases is a traditional envelope style at the shorter side. One of the benefits of linen is the washing process is not complicated and the natural texture is maintained even with frequent washing.

Features of classic linen pillowcases

The Connie Home Atlanta range uses linen which is completely natural and free from allergens, this is healthier for your body allowing the pores of your skin to breathe and this contributes to a relaxed night’s sleep. The ability of our linen pillowcases to absorb humidity is one of the unique characteristics of linen. This is something particularly helpful in both cold or humid climates. High quality linen luxury bedding is the perfect choice no matter where you live and is a factor in achieving a better night’s sleep.

Quality and freshness, the Atlanta classic linen pillowcases

Our Atlanta linen collection which is created in Portugal using 100% linen. The classic linen pillowcases use an invigoratingly fresh linen which is the perfect choice for using on your bed all year round. The natural properties of linen generate a feeling of being fresh and cool in the summer and a sensation of warmth during the colder winter months.

The classic linen pillowcases have a lived-in style. This is something which is always associated with the clean, modern styling that linen, adding an elegant appearance to your bed linen. We use a 100% natural washed linen. This type of natural linen has been a key fabric in the textile industry for centuries. The linen threads found in the flax plant are much finer and lighter when compared to the larger and heavier cotton threads.

Nobility of pure linen pillowcases

The nobility of linen can be traced back to ancient times when the Egyptian community appreciated the purity and transparency of the flax fibres; particularly useful given the desert climate.

The production process is more ecologically friendly compared to other natural fibres, the benefit of this careful manipulation gives linen a particularly smooth feel. This softness actually improves over time despite frequent washing.

Multi-function, durable linen bedding

The Connie Home pure linen pillowcases are the ideal multi-function, all-year-round cover for your pillow, they are light and airy during the summer and have a wonderful snug feeling during the chilly winter months. Available in various colours, such as the Atlanta blue linen classic pillowcase.

Resistant to marks or stains and because they are made from a pure textile, the dreaded “pilling” is avoided. Making the linen pillowcase capable of maintaining it’s lovely original, natural characteristics for many years.

Our pure linen pillowcases are not only an investment in high quality and luxury, but you are making an investment in yourself, allowing you to enjoy the maximum comfort when sleeping. These soft smooth qualities provided by linen will make you and your skin appreciate a comfortable and relaxing experience. Have a look at the Classic Charcoal linen pillowcase from Connie Home.

Pure Natural Linen
Country of Origin
Carefully designed and made in Portugal
Closure Style
Envelope format
Care guide
Machine wash warm 40º. Tumble dry. Low iron. Do not dry clean

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Great quality pillowcases

This products feels fantastic next to my skin and even keeps me cool during the night. Would recommend to all.

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