Benefits of an Oxford Pillowcase

Benefits of an Oxford Pillowcase

Oxford Pillowcases

Choosing your Oxford pillowcase

Undoubtedly the importance of getting the right pillow for yourself in order to enjoy a great night’s sleep cannot be understated. Before any other decisions are taken, the actual pillow must be comfortable for you, whether that is soft or hard, it's your choice. After selecting the perfect pillow, the next important decision is to find the best possible pillowcase itself. The type of material you place next to your skins plays a large part in terms of protecting our health.

That’s why Connie Home provide a range of natural fabrics for our Oxford pillowcases, from 100% cotton to 300 and 500 thread count Egyptian cotton and a range of pure linen. All the natural textiles are made in Portugal and will contribute towards your chances of getting a good night's sleep.

Harmony Oxford pillowcases
Lisbon luxury Oxford pillowcases

Pillowcases with natural fibres

Our Oxford pillowcases help to protect your pillow from potential bacteria and humidity. They are made from 100% natural and hypoallergenic fabrics such as Egyptian cotton and linen, as well as being soft and delicate they allow the fabric to breathe.

Both our cotton and linen range of Oxford pillowcases have soft, smooth fibres that absorb humidity, this way your skin is in contact with purely natural and therefore, comfortable fabrics. This avoids the potential skin problems that can be created with synthetic materials.

Oxford pillowcase collections

Connie Home produces a range of elegant collections , from simple collections like the 300 thread count Lisbon and Heathcote range to the 500 thread count Egyptian cotton "Provence" collection. Others such as the "Harmony" and Victoria have exquisitely elaborate borders around the edges. These types of pillow are ideal for using all year round, regardless of the outside temperature.

The function of this type of pillowcase is primarily decorative. The 5cm border around the edge is designed to decorate your bed and highlight the elegance of your bed linen. In contrast the classic housewife pillow is typically used when sleeping, as this standard type is without any additional borders.

The Oxford style pillow case can be removed from the bed when sleeping or used as a support pillow when reading or enjoying your morning coffee or orange juice.

Victoria Collection cotton Oxford pillowcases