Portuguese Bedding

Portuguese Bedding

High Quality Portuguese Bedding

Made in Portugal, a high quality brand

In relation to the textile market, Portugal is well known for its high quality and experience in the making of bed linen and other textile products for home. Both traditional and modern techniques still go hand in hand in with the production of textile products, both in bed linen and bathroom items.

This combination of craftsmanship and modernity has given the denomination "made in Portugal" such an important weight in the industry of interior decoration for the home. This results in high quality luxury bedding which is renowned throughout the world.

high quality Portuguese linen bedding
Lisbon made in Portugal Egyptian cotton luxury bedding

Portuguese natural inspiration

There are multiple companies working in the textile market and which help grow trust in the brand, ”Made in Portugal” because of the designs and the quality of their bed linen. The reason is that the Portuguese artisans are famous for including their wonderful landscape and generally incorporating the whole of Portugal’s surroundings. This captures all the inspiration, tradition and elegance, which is then used in their creation of textile products for the home.

Several designers from all corners of the world are really interested in the materials and textile products coming from Portugal, for this reason, not only do they want their bedding collections to be made there but they are also create designs inspired by the traditions of Portuguese bedding.

Tradition and luxury

The creations associated with Portuguese bedding are symbolic of high quality, which is particularly relevant for customers demanding the best for their home, whether that is bathroom or bed linen items. These are high-end fabrics with an incomparable softness and durability. Noted for their 100% natural cotton, Egyptian cotton and pure washed linen textiles which are manufactured into rugs, towels, bedding and other products of exquisite craftsmanship.

Many Portuguese bedding companies still work with a 100% traditional method when making their range of home and interior design collections. These are particularly noteworthy with hand embroidery found in luxury bed sheets and towels as well as in the making of decorative bedspreads made with traditional, manual looms.

For these and many other reasons, Portugal is a symbol of high quality and luxury in the textile market and as a result, more and more famous brands from the around the world are relocating their production to the towns and villages of Portugal.

Harmony Luxury Egyptian Portuguese bedding range

A Portuguese Natural Inspiration

What can we do to create the best sleeping environment for our loved ones? A good place to find inspiration is by acquiring bed linen of the best quality, namely Portuguese bedding. These sheets, made in Portugal and sourced from the highest quality available to the global textile market, are renowned for the high standards of production. This means that Portuguese bed linen has become a symbol of luxury and elegance and is in great demand by discerning customers from around the world.

With sumptuous designs, both classic and elegant, bed linen made in Portugal not only generates a timeless, traditional feeling, but the collections fill your bedroom with a pure and natural ambiance. The Connie Home Portuguese bedding is hypoallergenic, which has enormous benefits in terms of hygiene and cleanliness regardless of your skin type. This in turn contributes to improving our physical and mental wellbeing particularly in terms of helping us achieve a relaxed night’s sleep.

Made in Portugal Bedding Collections

The Connie Home Portuguese bedding collections are composed of materials made from natural fibres such as linen, 100% cotton and Egyptian cotton at both 300 and 500 thread counts. These luxurious bed linens made in Portugal are streets ahead of any synthetic materials which are of a significantly lower quality. The collections are made from fibres that are soft and smooth which are an invitation to enjoy a relaxing bedtime. The delicately woven, well made Portuguese bed linen can be characterised by the combination of modern and traditional details found in these sheets made in Portugal. Ranging from simple lines such as the Lisbon Egyptian cotton collection through to the more elaborate Victoria duvet covers which includes an elaborately stitched border.

Our Portuguese bedding available in the UK, is not only of an excellent quality, but is resistant even as the years go by and they have been washed frequently as the textile maintains it’s properties. This property allows the sheets to also remain soft and smooth. With the range of colours available in the natural linen range and the classic white of the Portuguese cotton bedspreads or duvet covers and Egyptian cotton collections there is something for all tastes that will help you create a bedroom fit for any interior design magazine.