Duvet Covers with a 300 Thread Count

Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers With a 300 Thread Count

High quality 300 thread count duvet cover

Simplicity and quality are the priorities for our collections, with special attention paid to our 300 thread count duvet covers. In addition to the attention to detail during the manufacturing process and particular care when selecting the fabrics we use. They are always natural fabrics and are handled with an exquisite touch, taking great care over the slightest details during the creation of our linen and cotton collections.

For that reason we use only quality materials, such as Egyptian cotton with a 300 thread count. This type of cotton is characterized as being one of the best in the world and is frequently used by top quality brands and designers.

Duvet covers 300 thread count Victoria
Duvet covers 300 thread count Lisbon

Why 300 thread count duvet covers?

The 300 thread count adds to the duvet covers overall strength and durability when washing. The greater the number of threads per inch the longer the life of the duvet cover. That way we all get to enjoy the softness of our duvet covers for more time. It’s important to point out that we only use 100% cotton which is not mixed with anything synthetic to avoid possible allergies or skin irritations. We continually strive to place our 300 thread count duvet covers within the reach of as many people as possible.

300 thread count duvet covers from Connie Home

Connie Home is showing to the world a variety of high quality duvet covers, made from 100% cotton with a 300 thread count. For that reason we will mention here a couple of our collections, such as Victoria, which is noted for having an elaborate border around the edge of the duvet cover, giving a stylish and luxurious finish. Our Harmony collection which features an attractive navy blue border around the upper sides of the duvet cover, giving a fresh and natural look. Or our simplest collection, Lisbon, which has a smooth white duvet cover suitable for any bedroom.

Duvet covers 300 thread count Harmony