From The Humble Flax Plant Comes Luxury Bed Linen

From The Humble Flax Plant Comes Luxury Bed Linen

Linen and it's importance throughout history

Linen comes from the Flax plant, which has been used for thousands of years. The technical name for this plant is "Linus ussitatíssimum". This plant grows in humid and clay soils and is sown in autumn. The main areas of flax cultivation are located in Belgium, France, Germany and Spain.

The fabric was one of the first to be used, even before wool and gradually became more prominent throughout history. It is considered the first vegetable fibre and has been used by man for centuries, starting from the Neolithic to the present.

Advantages of flax

The main characteristic of flax is its great ability to absorb moisture. It is one of the most natural fibres with a centuries old tradition. It offers a resistance and durability over time that makes it stand out as a desirable material in both bedding as well as textile manufacturing in general. Flax is considered one of the earliest vegetable fibres that exist and was the first to gain acceptance in the textile industry. Linen is also an ideal fabric for people suffering from allergies, as the linen absorbs moisture and prevents allergens.

Connie Home Collection favor linen

In line with numerous other leading bed-linen brands, Connie Home Collection use linen as a luxury ingredient in their range of bed sheets. This light, soft and breathable material makes linen ideal for all seasons of the year, since it provides freshness in summer and warmth in winter. Its rustic appearance creates the feeling of a relaxed and enveloping atmosphere in your

Quality and guarantee

Connie Home Collection offers the highest quality bedding range made with 100% linen from northern Belgium and France that is manufactured in Portugal. This connection brings a seal of quality to our linen collection, the ”Atlanta” range.