Harmony Collection Luxury Sheets

Harmony Collection Luxury Sheets

Luxury Bedding Harmony Collection

Luxury natural bed linen

Our Harmony collection sheets are a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of relaxing moments thanks to the natural materials used in the manufacture of this collection.

Only 100% Egyptian cotton with a satin touch is used in the duvet covers, flat sheets, fitted sheets and pillowcases. The introduction to the textile of a soft satin fibre creates a fantastically silky feel to the touch and appearance to this bed linen range.

Harmony luxury bed linen
Harmony collection luxury bedding

Luxury cotton bedding

The objective of Connie Home with this luxurious range is to introduce to you a collection of bed linen which will wrap you in the arms of luxury. Made with the highest quality natural and delicate textiles.

Finished with exquisite hand finished borders. Our Harmony collection sheets are made in Portugal where the production of high quality bed linen is a local tradition. We use a luxury 300 thread count Egyptian cotton in all parts of the Harmony collection.

Elegant embroidery

The navy blue borders of the Harmony collection give an attractive finish to the range. The embroidered border goes around each edge of the duvet cover and Oxford pillowcase. The upper edge of the flat sheet is finished with a navy blue border. The predominantly white colour of this collection is designed to create a feeling of being both natural and elegant.

Creating in your bedroom an ambiance of purity and elegance while remaining simple and natural. The Harmony collection duvet cover includes an ingenious button closure system which is practically invisible and when the duvet filling is inserted into the duvet cover the closure is hardly noticeable.

The fitted sheet in this collection is pure white with adjustable elasticated corners to adapt and fit snuggly to your mattress. The Harmony Oxford pillowcase has a traditional envelope style closure allowing easy introduction of the pillow.

Harmony Collection cotton luxury bedding range

Harmony Bed Sheets

Harmony Collection Egyptian cotton sheets

The Harmony flat sheets can be used as traditional top sheets particularly during the warmer summer months when a duvet is not needed. Some people prefer to use the flat sheet as well as the duvet, it’s not necessary, but is down to personal preference.

Despite the embroidered top edge, the Harmony sheets can also be the bottom sheet. The length is sufficient to allow you to tuck the flat sheet under the mattress, in the classic “hospital corners” fashion. Nowadays this is less popular since the invention of the fitted sheet, but is still useful in certain circumstances, such as if you have a particularly thin mattress.

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