What's the best material for bedding?

What's the best material for bedding?

Choosing the best material for your bedding

Variety of fabrics

When it comes to searching for bedding for our bedroom, we tend to think that it may be an easy task but the reality is quite different, because you can't imagine the enormous variety of fabrics that exist in the textile market. All possibilities to be used for the construction of bed sheets. We are referring next to what stands out in this market and the properties of each kind of fabric so it can be adapted to each customer's requirements.

Linen: considered one of the best fibres for all year long usage because the bed sheets made with this material are fresh in summer and warm in winter; besides, they maintain both the skin humidity and comfort at every moment.

Bamboo fabrics: currently, these fabrics are more novel and they stand out for being a hypoallergenic fibre, which is ideal for people with allergies as well as being flexible and very soft.

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Cotton based fabrics

Fabrics made of a mixture of cotton and polyester: these are fabrics with a mixture of polyester and natural cotton that can be very soft although not very resistant to the passage of time but they are a cheaper option.

Fabrics with Egyptian cotton: this cotton is well-known for its high quality, since being originally farmed in the Nile River area, due to its great climate, resulting in a unique type of cotton. This fabric is also known for being durable, breathable and silky since the fibers are long; however, quality has a price and Egyptian cotton is not cheap.

Percale fabrics: this material comes from 100% cotton or from a polyester and cotton mixture. These bed sheets are usually quite fine due to the number of threads per inch used, which is always lower than 200 threads. It is a durable fabric that resists the passing of time as well as being very soft.

Organic cotton fabrics: this is a kind of cotton cultivated without pesticides or aggressive chemical agents. Usually comes with something to prove its authenticity and certification of being an organic product.

Personal choice

We have taken a look in general terms at the principal features of some of the most frequently used fabrics in the textile market, there are also others materials such as silk or sateen which also stand out for both their brightness and for having a very soft touch.

After reading the above and it's popularity in the market, we can determine that the Egyptian cotton is perhaps the best fabric around for its exceptional features and elegance in luxurious surroundings. Although as is always the case, each person has their personal style when it comes to bedding and for that reason, each one will choose according to their requirements and preferences.

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