Bedding Made in Portugal

Bedding Made in Portugal

High quality bedding from Portugal

Source of top quality bed linen

We can start this article by asking ourselves a question that not so many people take into account in relation to their bedding: Do we really pay attention to the composition of our sheets? I think the answer is simple: usually, most of us don't care too much about the materials and where do they come from.

Connie Home wants to offer their customers high quality fabrics, made in Portugal, a country well known for its abundance bathroom and bed products. Also for offering bed linen sets made of exceptional fabrics and which stand out for both their softness and durability over time.

Atlanta duvet cover from luxury linen
Harmony Collection duvet cover egyptian cotton

Luxury brands from Portugal

The large bedding brands are known for the quality and price of their bed linen. They achieve this by seeking advice from providers based in Portugal, since they use only fabrics which have an excellent quality. These are sold by many retailers and luxurious brands from different parts of the world such as in Paris, Milan, London.

For this reason, Connie Home offers luxury, high quality bedding to their customers. This range includes a large variety of Egyptian cotton collections made of 300 and 500 thread counts, 100% natural cotton and luxurious washed linen.

Bedding made in Portugal for your bedroom

Talking about being made in Portugal is the same as talking about a guaranteed level of quality. This attention to providing the best possible materials for their bedding ranges means the Connie Home collections will last for many years. Something that has been confirmed by the use of Portuguese bedding manufacturers over the centuries.

Our duvet covers, flat sheets, fitted sheets and pillowcases are made of luxurious and high quality materials and their durability and softness is sure to last. For this reason, a purchase from a Connie Home range means you are buying 100% natural sheets with the best fabrics available to the textile market.

White luxuryduvet cover egyptian cotton with embroidered edging

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